Synergy Dance Fitness is a high energy fitness-based dance class which features a fusion of hip-hop, Latin, African, reggae, Indian, and other international music and dance styles in fun, easy to pick up routines which will get your heart pumping.

All fitness levels are welcome and routines can be modified to fit the needs of the student whether you are looking for an intense high impact workout or a lower impact class. Come join us to burn calories, laugh, and improve your dance skills, mental sharpness, and overall fitness level! Workout attire and sneakers or supportive shoes are appropriate.

Schedule for January 2019

  • February 8th: 10:00am
  • February 8th: 10:00am
  • February 9th: 10:00am
  • February 14th: 10:00am
  • Februray 15th: 10:00am
  • February 15th: 6:30pm
  • February 20th: 10:00am
  • February 22nd: 6:30pm