*Rule #1 Academic Requirements

  • Dancers are expected to maintain 2.85 GPA with no Ds or below throughout the season. Dancer may also be required to provide a copy of their report card to Tiffany.
  • Dancers with GPAs below 2.85 may be pulled from a routine or competition until grades are raised.

*Rule #2 Attendance 

   All dancers will be given a dance class, rehearsal and event schedule. Changes/additions to the schedule are sent out via email. It is important that all dancers be at all dance classes, rehearsals and events.  If a dancer cannot be present, Tiffany expects to be told by the dancer or parent ahead of time and reminded prior to the absence via email or text message.

Dance Class & Rehearsal Attendance 

Excused Absences

  • Illness/Injury with medical attention
  • Funeral
  • Family Wedding 
  • Family bat/bar mitzvah
  • School Required Events

*Rule #3 Attitude

     Attitude should be appropriate at all DanceWorx classes, rehearsals and events. This means no talking or being silly while coaches/teachers are trying to get something done. Members should listen to the person in charge and should not insult her/him with comments, rolling of eyes, etc. Talking and silliness must be limited. This applies to performances as well. Key Word = RESPECT. Any violations of this could result in removal from a routine or competition.

Other Guidelines:

  1. There should be no arguing or disputes about what team you have been placed on. The coach(es) know what is best for you and the team.
  2. You must have a high sense of good sportsmanship and fairness, and be able to adapt to disappointing situations with self-control. Must be a good winner as well as a good loser. 
  3. You must be of good health, stamina, and maintain good, healthy practices. Your body is your instrument, take care of it.
  4. You must be willing and capable of promoting a positive attitude during classes, rehearsals, competitions and all other DanceWorx events.
  5. You must have the initiative to work on routines and special skills. All dancers are expected to practice and stretch on their own, especially when having difficulty. Other members of the team will help you if you ask, but it is expected that you can learn the routines in a limited time period.
  6. Must be able to work well with others. If a disagreement occurs regarding routine steps, the coach will settle the issue.

*Rule #4 Rehearsal & Dance Class Attire


             Each month an email will be sent out and/or posted on the Impact website with rehearsal attire requirements. Dancers do not need to purchase anything special, work with what you have. Dancers need to come to rehearsal dressed so that you can perform routines fully.

  • You will need to provide your own practice attire. 
  • Be properly dressed for practice – Wear the assigned practice colors/top for the day.
  • Clothing should be fitted. NOTHING baggy.
  • Bring ALL dance shoes to EVERY rehearsal.  
  • Hair should be in a BUN.
  • No Jewelry is to be worn at practice except for stud earrings.

Dance Classes

          Dancers should set a good example for Non-DanceWorx dance students and follow Impact Dance Class Attire Requirements.

  • Hair should always be in a bun except for Hip Hop or Street Jazz unless specified by the teacher
  • Clothing should be fitted. NOTHING baggy unless specified by the teacher.